Christmas Candles

Welcome to our Sassy Lights collection of candles. All our candles are 100% soy and we use only paraben and phthalate free oils to make our candles smell great. Each candle comes with a nice gift box. Your candle will burn for over 70 hours with proper care which includes:

  • trimming the wick before every use
  • burning in a safe, non-drafty area
  • burning for no more than 4 hours at a time
  • make sure candle fully solidifies before relighting
  • never leave candle unattended

Two great scents are available for Christmas 2022. Choose from Woodlands or Holiday Bliss. Although these are intended for Christmas you can choose any design we offer in either of these two scents. 

WOODLANDS - smells like the perfect Christmas tree.

HOLIDAY BLISS - this cinnamon forward fragrance with notes of spruce and cedar. 


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